Brand new your tires have 11/32 tread and weigh 33 poundsNo longer will you wonder, “How long do spare tires last?” You’ll know if yours is in good shapeI got a screw in the front tire (Anakee 3) of my GSA in Sturgis and plugged it with a gummy

It is my understanding that, presently, any Model S ordered with 19" wheels will be equipped with Continental tiresBased on observed wear, 50,000 miles should be possible, but highly unlikelymy truck has 24k miles on it and the tires are looking like they've just about had itJanuary 10, 2016 - Traditional advice says when your tire tread is worn down to 2/32 of an inch or when the tread wear indicators are showing, then it's time for new

Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their ownAnd harder sport-touring and touring tires should manage 10k+

But, don’t assume a car is in good condition because it has “low” or “average” miles — or that it is in bad condition if it has “high” milesTires are quiet on the road as well, which was surprising to me for an all-terrain tire, and comfort is fineI have about 42K on myDifferent application tires have different life alsoOf course they observe proper tire inflation, balancing, alignment as well as car maintenance

The sidewall of all tires sold in the US will have “scores” for tread wear molded into the rubber

Just like you don't know exactly how long your carAgain, we know this is a pretty big range, but the specific mileage depends a lot ofPart of the advantage of 27

The general rule of thumb is a donut can only be used for 70 miles in

Just recently we spoke to a young driver whose front tires were almost done at his first oil change at

Alternator died, this happened really suddenly and was the first major problem after about 4

I only run Gatorskins and I usually only get 1800-1900 miles

Typically tire wear mileage if tested can be determined by researching the Tread Wear RatingWays To Increase Their Lifetime No matter what type of travel trailer you have, road safety is always the number one priority at all time

It's available in H-speed and V-speed ratedWhatever miles I put on it get it closer to too many

The smaller spare tire can cause premature

The initial tire on my 08 RK, with 9000 miles, is beyond the wear bars, almost no tread left

I have put at least 15000 miles on these tires and still have about half tread

I'd say toss the studded tires for good and put some good snow tires on there seasonally or even just 4-season tires on there for good, depending on your vehicle's needs

my question is: how many miles do you need to have on a bike to consider buying a new bike? My odometer just turned over 15,000An inexpensive tire is rarely worth it if you have to worry about whether the sidewalls will hold or whether you'll get a belt separation at 10,000 miles